Bedrosians: Family Business, Family Values

When you hear the phrase, “Family Business,” what comes to mind? Hard work, strong values, personalized customer service, caring, concern? All of these demonstrations of character are traits I think of when I recall the experience I’ve had with Bedrosians over the course of my career.

Never in such a personal way, however, as last fall, when I was approached by a lovely lady, recently widowed, who wanted to remodel her kitchen. She said that when she saw me on Houzz, “I thought you looked like a really kind person who would be good for me to spend time with right now.” Her husband, a craftsman tile installer, had recently lost a long health battle, and she had been his nurse. She told me that when she’d run my name past her friends at Bedrosians, who had known and loved her husband, they told her she would be in good hands if I were her designer.

When I visited her home, I could sense the love of the couple and the fatigue of long-term illness. She wanted a pretty, cheerful kitchen, room for her whole family, lots of light, a special place for her grandchildren to perch and visit, and a wine refrigerator for girlfriend get-togethers.

One of the most important functions of my job as a designer, I feel, is to create a space that looks like my client. Every project is different because every project needs to pick up on the nuances of the homeowner’s tastes and personality. The inspiration for the cabinet selection … choosing a simple shaker door and light stain and paint…was to provide a backdrop to showcase the client’s Fiestaware collection, and to tie in with her family’s antique heirloom American Indian art, rugs and handwoven baskets. We wanted to find materials that made the space feel warm and earthy but light and upbeat at the same time.

A significant consideration in staining the lower cabinets was the use they were going to sustain at the hands of her grandchildren. Maple cabinets in a light stain won’t show scuffs, scratches, and dings the same way a light creamy cabinet color so plainly displays. It was the perfect choice for a high traffic area…all the love, none of the worry.

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