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Have you ever had a moment in your life where you realize, “Wow! This is me and this is my life!” I’ve been in a place of grace and gratitude lately noticing how profoundly my life has changed over the last decade and how grateful I am for the opportunities that have come my way. I will be in Las Vegas for the next 8 days, learning about all that is new and exciting in kitchen and bath design at KBIS and what gorgeous new things have been designed for interiors at Las Vegas Market. 

At KBIS, I get to join the very talented Christopher Grubb, Angela Pickens, and Kristen Heimstra to discuss the influence that social, media and branding have on our business. That’s Tuesday at 1 PM in the Houzz Booth. I am so excited to learn what they have to say about the subject and I hope my experience helps designers who make the time to come to our panel.

On Wednesday, I’ll be speaking at 9 AM with Liza Hausman, Vice President of Industry Marketing for Houzz on “Obtaining Opulence” at the VFTI Conference. We will be defining what “luxury” means and she will have fascinating research to share on client preferences and trends. 

Later that day, at 11, we will share with our audience at the Houzz booth about Understanding and Attracting Luxury Clients.  After, we will be able to visit with attendees and share experiences and best practices. 

I am really looking forward to touring the floor of KBIS/IBS to see what my clients would like to have incorporated into their projects. And the showhouses done for KBIS….can’t wait for those…I’ll be sure to take a lot of video and save it for you to see in my Instagram Stories 

One day off on Friday and then it’s off to Las Vegas Market early Saturday to scour the showrooms in an effort to design an entire home for a special project on the golf course at Spring Creek. I am so honored to be Market’s “Fresh to Follow” designer this time. I’ll have content for you every day. Each day, a new room in what will be a spectacular new home for a really amazing couple. 

Monday morning I’m in a think tank experience with several other designers and industry experts on the business of design, hosted by Furniture, Lighting and Decor Magazine. Directly after, it’s off to C174 for “Be the Light,” a panel focused on overcoming life’s challenges that I will serve on with Kerrie Kelly and Laura Muller, moderated by Gail Doby.  Directly following we will have the opportunity to share lunch and refreshment in the newly remodeled Currey & Co showroom, C 398, as we exchange stories and encourage our fellow designers through their particular life challenges. 

To be honest, I never dreamed that a schedule like this would be mine. I am so grateful to so many people for giving me the opportunity to give back to our design community and share the things I’ve learned to help other designers pave their way more efficiently. 

Thank you to Serena Martin of Houzz for championing me to her organization and allowing me to work with such amazing talent. Thank you to Kimberly Porter for her enthusiastic invitations to contribute to editorial and social for Las Vegas Market. Thank you to the team at Furniture, Lighting and Decor Magazine for their inclusion and friendship. Thank you to Currey & Co for their generous hospitality and a platform for uplifting our industry. And thank you to Bob Gaynor, who could see the vision I saw and never stopped believing it could be done. 

Above all, I thank my parents, who gave me a safe space to land, my Handsome Husband, who gives of his love lavishly to my son and me and most of all I thank God, who has seen me through all of life’s struggles, brought me exactly who I needed to experience His love and care in the toughest times, and has given me the talent, strength and voice necessary to return the favor to those He loves who need encouragement. 

I can’t wait to show you all I get to see and learn. Thank you for your support and loyalty. Thank you for your trust with your most precious safe places…..your places of work and of home. 


Love, Wendy


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