We believe in partnership

Design projects are exciting and inspirational. So much opportunity exists to make a special place for you and for your family. We come alongside you, offering the organization, expertise, technical knowledge and designer’s aesthetic that will make pulling your project together fun, not frustrating.

Wendy Glaister Initial Consult

Initial Consultation

During our one hour visit, we will review your project, what you’d like to accomplish, your aesthetic, and how to actualize all you hope for in your home.  You’ll be offered ideas about addressing specific challenges, a direction for your efforts, colors, etc. Some quick sketches may be done to illustrate suggestions as well. General space and lighting plan questions may be answered, and you may be provided guidance regarding materials and finishes. 

After we conclude, all of the inspiration, information, and materials we reviewed together will be compiled into a document which will summarize our findings, along with any quick sketches done for illustration, images for explanation, colors discussed, etc. It will be sent to your email inbox within five business days of our meeting.

Wendy Glaister Traditional Dining Room

Color Consultation

As a Certified True Color Expert, Wendy brings a mastery of color to each project she touches. With her guidance, your home’s visual flow and feeling can be dramatically improved.

Wendy Glaister City Chic 01

Furnishings and Accessories Sourcing

As with our project, “City Chic,” sometimes a room has spectacular bones but can miss the furniture, accessories, window treatments and lighting to make it sing. We bring our designers’ eyes to the space and create a room that is beautifully appointed.

Wendy Glaister Material

Remodel Design

The world of interior design is ever changing. We search out the latest trends and product innovations at major national markets to bring the very best back home to you. By bringing our materials knowledge to your project, incorporating our expertise in functional space, and employing principles of lasting beauty and effortless style, we come alongside you to plan and execute your remodel project.

Wendy Glaister Blueprint

New Build Design

Taking a flat sheet of paper with architectural plans and seeing it as finished can be a difficult thing to do if it’s not what you do everyday.. Because we create floor plans and elevations, visually build them out and assign finishes and features to them, we are comfortable “seeing” your project as drawn and can make helpful suggestions about style, function, value engineering opportunities, and space plans. 

If possible, we appreciate being brought in as your architect or draftsperson is drawing up the blueprints. 

Collaboration between a talented architect and interior designer before a single drop of concrete is poured results in a project that has great style, customized solutions and heightened functionality. The architect brings vision and mechanical and engineering knowledge and we bring an understanding of how everyday living will be most enhanced within the home once it’s built.