Blessed to do what we do

To say that we are blessed to do what we do is an understatement. It is with humility and gratitude that we actively seek out opportunities to help those who are not yet in a position to practice their gifts as freely as we are able. Our charitable focus is women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Wendy Glaister EMDR PTSD


The Genesis 50:20 Foundation provides short term trauma recovery therapy to mothers who are victims of domestic violence. It is a federally recognized 501 C 3 charitable organization and 100% of all proceeds are distributed to therapists administering this critical service. 

Women’s Shelters

We donate care boxes to women’s shelters in areas where we work. Care boxes address the immediate need of re-framing the sensory experiences of women who are traumatized. Each box is a beautiful, uplifting art piece in itself, and contains a soft throw, a spa candle, an inspirational mug, a journal to chronicle their learning and successes, chocolate for a special treat, tea or coffee, and a personal note of encouragement.

Wendy Glaister ARK

Cricket’s Hope

A fundraiser to save and improve children’s lives throughout Stanislaus County.

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Art Restores Kids

We support the ARK (Art Restores Kids – helping children to grow past their trauma through a clinically proven art therapy program) project through Cricket’s Hope with our time and finances.. We also donate original artwork to their annual art auction, raising additional funds for the program. 

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