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We believe in partnership

Design projects are exciting and inspirational. So much opportunity exists to make a special place for you and for your family. We come alongside you, offering the organization, expertise, technical knowledge and designer’s aesthetic that will make pulling your project together fun, not frustrating.


How we work ...

How we work

Every new client engagement begins with a phone call. Once you reach out to us, Wendy will phone you to say hello, discuss your project and your goals and explain what to expect in an Initial Consultation. A date may be set for the consultation that works best for you and for Wendy.

An email will follow up that phone conversation, coming from our Administrator, Ashley. She will reiterate what to expect in the Consultation, a one hour meeting in your home where your goals are reviewed and Wendy will make recommendations on how to help you arrive at your dream space. She may draw rough sketches to illustrate her thoughts while you’re together.

A Design Summary follows up the Initial Consultation. It’s a PDF, sent to your email inbox which touches on many of the items you discussed with Wendy. It will include any sketches she may have done and images for inspiration, along with trusted resources you might use to help you accomplish your new-build or remodel.

If, after you read your Design Summary, you feel you’d like to continue working with Wendy, you’ll both enter into a Letter of Agreement. A retainer enforces the agreement and the time spent on your project will be billed against that retainer. You will receive an invoice every 30 days, detailing what was done for your project, by whom, and for how long. Invoices are net 10.

A project kick off meeting puts the gears in motion for your project. Wendy and Stephanie (Design Associate) will come to meet you, learn what your primary objectives are, measure the space, and discuss details for moving forward.

If you are working on a remodel, the following is likely to be expected. If you are working on an addition or a new build, we like to bring in an architect and a trusted builder at this point ( we have learned that the more educated eyes on a project, the more successful it will be) and then the following will likely occur:

The project is then drawn to scale, elevations are done, and a meeting is set to obtain your approval of the space plan and overall design direction.

With your approval, materials, colors, lighting, furnishings, etc. are chosen and a get together is scheduled for a full design reveal meeting. This is where you’ll see all of the beautiful parts and pieces of your design. Your feedback and participation is encouraged….let us know what you love and what you might like to reconsider. We want you to love your spaces!

Once adjustments have been made, we turn over the drawings, finish sheets, materials, lighting, etc. to a general contractor for your quote.

Our work is front-loaded, meaning most of the expense of our services is before construction begins. We check in from time to time to help answer questions or to weigh in on elements when asked by you or by your contractor and his/her subcontractors.

At the conclusion of your project, we “load-in” the space, style it and photograph it for our records. And ideally, you live happily ever after in your new beautiful rooms having made great new friends through a wonderful experience.