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What’s New, What’s Now for fall 2023 interior design trends.

Hello friends! I’m just back from Las Vegas Market and wanted to share three very strong trends emerging in interior design. I hope that they’re a fun jumping off point for you as you consider furnishing your homes for the holidays. Remember, if you are thinking about new furniture for any areas of your home for the holidays, your orders need to be placed by the end of September for a chance at delivery before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Trend One:

Pedestals. Yes, you read that right. Pedestals. Used to spiff up a corner or an entry near a staircase, or the end of a hallway, pedestals are popping up everywhere. At this vendor from Market, they chose to use onyx and to light them from within using LED lighting. If you’re not wild for a fiddle leaf fig tree in corners to take up visual space, this is an excellent option.

Trend Two:

Quiet Warm Neutrals. Forever and ever it seems, gray was the number one neutral being used in upholstery, window coverings and area rugs. But gray can read cold, if the undertone is blue. Research shows that warmer colors and colors with a green undertone are more likely to create a sense of calm and wellbeing. Enter in: Quiet Warm Neutrals. Demonstrated to excellent effect in the Hooker Furniture showroom and the Norwalk Furniture showroom, you can see the presence of taupes, beiges and black as a grounding contrast.

Trend Three:

Large Scale Floral Influence. Biophilic design is more and more the “thing” in home decor and lighting and furniture showrooms really embraced the nod to nature at  this market. The flower coffee table from Hooker Furniture, statement making light fixtures from Hudson Valley, and floral prints on upholstered furniture at Norwalk all allude to this emerging trend.

As you plan to deck your halls, I hope you’ll consider taking advantage of one or more of these treat-to-the-eye trends. Just a few little touches will instantly elevate your space with a contemporary feeling that brings warmth and drama to rooms where they are applied.