Windows for the Win!

Windows for the Win!

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If there’s one thing I’ve never been accused of, it’s making a home darker. To be honest, if budget allows, I put more or larger windows in every project I take on. Scientists agree, seeing outside makes people happier, more productive and can even lower blood pressure. Of course I want these benefits for my clients, so I work to incorporate streaming sunlight wherever possible.Lately, I have been collaborating with Josh Mason, owner of Custom Shower and Glass, in Modesto.
Sometimes, a space really doesn’t have a lot of room for a big new window, but the room is so dark that I just can’t leave the space without any natural light. Such was the case with the project pictured. Enter the workaround solution: a window between the vertical studs of the exterior wall. In this project, I used the window between the studs almost like a light fixture. A once dark and dreary closet, this space is transformed with a lovely pool of sunshine over the vanity. Josh endorses the idea, mentioning, “The effect of using that 14 ½ space (between framing that is typically 16 on center) is pretty efficient and cost effective as you are not disturbing framing, headers, etc.”
Photo credit, Mark Verschelden
General Contractor, Dean Adkins
In a whole home remodel we recently completed, the couple wanted an opened up, bright and cheery space. I did not want to disturb the framing header location, so we instead opted to bring the windows down to the level of the countertop. The eye travels right out to the garden beyond, increasing the visual lightness-of-being in the room. “This is a technical installation that really needs to be coordinated with your cabinet subcontractor and slab fabricator. It is not for a DIY home improvement project,” cautions Josh.
Photo credit, Mark Verschelden
General Contractor, Dean Adkins

This client’s kitchen looks out onto their exquisite backyard, but their kitchen had a sad, tiny window. We chose to place the range center of an enlarged window, brought down to the level of the countertop. The hood was placed above, vented through the ceiling. Josh shares, “Tempered glass actually acts as a great backsplash. It’s even more easy to clean than glazed tile…just a little Dawn dish soap on a clean washcloth and presto!” A sparkling, spot and streak free window can be yours.

Photo credit, Mark Verschelden
General Contractor, Dean Adkins

For an optimal indoor outdoor feeling, consider floor to ceiling windows. In this project, Josh engineered and removed all exterior vertical supports and re-framed to tie into trusses above, providing the necessary support. Glass meets glass with mitered edges using a starfire glass (with lower iron content) for a seamless view of the garden.

So many rooms, so many solutions for bringing in the sun and all its benefits! It’s windows for the win!

Josh Mason owns Custom Shower and Glass, a local company based in Modesto. He can be reached at (209)869-0800 or at

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